Work with Me

Seeing the women who work with me build online businesses they love lights me up. From coaches to healers and energy workers, they all have one thing in common: their heart beats with a genuine desire to help people – lots of people – through their work.

And I get that.

Like you, it took a few decades of experience (and several career changes) to know how to best share my gifts with the world. Now I’m here to help you do the same, with coaching, courses and magical memberships.

Lisa Kniebe Words That Shine

Unleash your inner teacher with the course creator’s bestie by your side and grow and scale your business online.


Create Your Course

Unlock the passive income in your business

You just want to create the course you’ve been toying with for what feels like a lifetime now.

Somehow, though, you’re too busy doing actual work with clients one-to-one to hit pause on business as usual and make time for it. Why does it have to be so hard?

You know an online course is the way to scale and grow your income, but you don’t know where to start. It’s like you’re teetering on the edge of finally having the dream outcome for your business and lifestyle, but you just can’t quite get there.

And that’s where my 12 week coaching package can help.

Launch Your Course

Skills don’t pay the Bills. Strategy does.

You’re probably armed with a degree (or two); or backed by extensive training and experience in your niche (whether that be coaching, healing or mindset).

Now, you’re itching to spread your wings and sprinkle some magic beyond your own little corner of the world.

You were put here to do big things, you just need the tools to make it happen.

That’s where I come in.

Skills don’t pay the Bills. Strategy does. Launch strategy to be specific.

So let’s get that course of yours out into the world with an effortless, launch strategy that doesn’t leave you a strung out mess.

Join me for 12 weeks of personalised launch coaching that will help you make some magic.

Master Your Copy

Let’s make your sales funnel a secret weapon

You’re a coach. A healer. An expert practitioner. Your word of mouth reputation books out your one to one services, but it’s a different story for your online programs…

Your message just isn’t converting. There’s a disconnect.

You want sexy names for your programs, waitlists full of eager students and sold-out VIP services. You want funnels that flow, sales pages that smash the conversions and email open rates through the roof!

Bottom line – you need copy that calls in your dream client without hesitation.

You need me.

Get the magic of a launch copywriter in your back pocket for 12 weeks and watch the magic happen.

Sales Page VIP Day

Let’s make sales page magic happen

You’re launching an online course, membership or group program.
You need to turn down the overwhelm, fast. You need a quick and easy way to write an amazing sales page (without having to follow another template by yourself). You need a sales page specialist by your side.

Someone who can unpack what you’re trying to say. Transform your jumbled up ideas and work her magic so you walk away with sales page copy ready to plug in and play.

You need me.

Let’s spend a day together and transform your sales page into a course-filling machine.

Aligned Messaging Academy

Program filling, button clicking Copywriting for Coaches and Healers

Imagine being your own best copywriter, with messaging that calls-in your dream clients effortlessly.

That’s what it’s like when you’ve got a formula to follow.

Great copy isn’t about how creative you are, it’s about following a simple system that gives you the clarity you need to say what you mean (without spending hours perfecting every detail).

And that’s what we do inside the Aligned Messaging Academy.

Courses that Connect

Transform your expertise into a digital product that sells (again, and again).

You love what you do, and you’re happy to work hard, yet…somehow, the hours keep adding up while your bank account isn’t growing to match.

You aren’t here just for the dollar bills, either (although, they’re nice). That heart of yours beats with a genuine desire to help people – lots of people – through your work.

But you’ve only so many arms, and so many hours in the day (no matter how much you try to squeeze the life out of the ones you’ve got).

So… you’ve been toying with the idea of launching an online course. You dream of being rewarded (nicely) for your knowledge, not your time; of clocking off at 3pm on Friday for wine time with your girls; of Sundays stretching out for leisurely brunches and dips in the ocean (no laptop in sight).

But, the tech. And, the time (surely it would take 47 years to learn how to develop a professional course curriculum?)… And, the tech stuff…

I’m Lisa, and online teaching is my zone of genius. Come, let me show you how to step into the arena…