Work With Me

And let's bring your online course dream to life!

Right now…

You’d love to create and launch your online course but…

  • You have no idea where to start
  • You’re overwhelmed by all the moving parts
  • You’re so busy with 1:1 clients it feels impossible to find the time

You promised yourself ‘this’ll be the year I launch’, but now another 12 months have slipped by and you’re no closer to creating (let alone launching) your signature course! ?



Knowing the steps

Confidently taking action to create your online course

Making an impact

Seeing your dream clients get amazing results  

Building a passive income

Finding the sweet spot to earn while you travel and grow

Power Hour

Creating, launching or re-modelling your online course? 

Need an hour of power to plan your online course, launch or get guidance on your messaging? Then this 60 minute session will help you find clarity and direction to take the next steps.


Master Your Message 

VIP Coaching – 3 or 6 Months

An exclusive one-to-one coaching program that combines coaching and copywriting so your messaging keeps up with your next level self!

When it comes to copy and messaging this isn’t your first rodeo…

You’ve battled through writing a website (or two), putting together your sales page and creating the content for a launch.

You need your copy to be as dynamic as you are. You need to put your big ideas into words right now, (not next month when your copywriter is available)!

You want sexy names for your programs, sales pages that, hmm, actually sell and lead magnets that build your warm audience.  You want a copywriter’s brain in your business, so move fast, level-up and have copy to match. 

And that’s where I can help. 


Launch Copy VIP Day

Level up your launch messaging in a day.

Roll out the red carpet, crack open the bubbly, you’re going to be my VIP for the day!

I see you putting your heart and soul into your next launch. There’s so much to do…pre-launch content, landing pages, emails, webinars, sales page and more emails! 

You need to turn down the overwhelm, fast. You need a plan to bring all the moving parts together (without losing sight of the big picture). You need the steadying influence of someone who’s done this before (and got results). 

You need a VIP day with a Launch Coach and Copywriter who can help you nail your launch copy.