Is Your Story Wild at Heart?

Are you putting off telling your story?

Are there more pressing things to do in your business?

Does it feel a little self-indulgent?

The truth is, I felt exactly the same.

I jumped into the business of being busy, paying the bills, meeting clients and networking. I wrote my bio on the fly, just to get by. But the reality was I sounded just like everyone else.

What changed that was my story…

Chances are, there are heaps of other people offering what you do, but no-one does it quite like you. Why? Because your life has been preparing you for this opportunity?you?ve been simmering an individual style, a quirky personality and a unique perspective over all these years, which means you?re a one-of-a-kind package in your own right!

But how do you communicate this?

Through your story.

Your story is the heart of your message

  • It’s what you believe
  • What you stand for
  • And why you do what you do

So why is it so difficult to wrestle this into a coherent narrative?

Because it?s been growing organically, doesn?t have a clear beginning and doesn?t have an end (because you?re still living it!).

It?s what?s I call a Free-Range story?

And that?s the beauty of it?

You don?t want to sanitise your story, you want to find all the best bits to share?

  • The bits that show the themes in your life
  • Your truths-to-live-by and
  • Your deeply help convictions

But it?s so hard to do this alone?

You?re just too close to your own story to untangle it, which is why my story coaching program evolved. I help shepherd your story, to bring it home with an open heart and curious mind.

Story coaching is about looking in the places you?ve forgotten, in the overgrown corners and small neglected piles. And what I find will amaze you?

I find the golden threads that bring it all together.

And that’s powerful.

It goes beyond your About page, your LinkedIn profile and your bio. It becomes the deep messaging that builds your wild-at-heart brand.

Want to start digging into your story? Download the Story Workbook Here.