The more you believe in you, the more other people do too.

Self-belief, that elusive ephemeral thing…how do you find it?

And when you find it, how do you keep it?

When your self-belief is riding high, you can take on any challenge, achieve any goal and realise any dream. But suddenly without warning, that self-assurance can disappear!

And then you?re left wondering how you thought you?d be able to do any of it!

What were you thinking?!

If Only You Could Bottle Self-Belief

How you can cultivate self-belief consistently, avoid those highs and lows and protect it from your inner critic?

If you?re someone who thinks your self-belief will increase with one more course, client or accreditation, then you and I have a lot in common. Truth is, I spent too much money buying into that idea, but I was looking for self-belief in all the wrong places?


Because self-belief starts in your heart.


Here’s what I’ve learned about self-belief…

  1. The more you believe in you, the more other people do too

When you trust yourself, you invite others to do the same. In business believing in what you do, how it helps and being able to talk about this with passion is powerful. But it?s easier said than done?

  1. Give yourself permission to find your truth

Start by giving yourself permission to find the answers within you. You are brimful of wisdom, often all you need is simple system to tap into that (look for exercises to tune into your intuition, inner wisdom and innate voice).

  1. Find your guide

Self-belief begins with a breadcrumb trail, and I?ve found it helpful to seek an external perspective to lead the way. This can be in 1:1 coaching, online groups or through self-coaching exercises, but whatever you choose, having a guide can keep you from getting lost down the rabbit hole.

  1. Internalise your value

Know the value you bring to the world in deepest part of your being, because this is what you stand for, now and always. Internalising your value is about forming nourishing habits that cultivate self-belief on a daily basis (a daily ritual can help with this).

  1. It all starts with you

What makes you magnetic comes from within, know you are enough just as you are and give yourself permission to shine.

As a life-long devotee to personal development, I cherish quiet time to reflect, explore and follow simple coaching exercises. These have made a huge difference to my self-belief, which in turn have helped me up level my business and take on new challenges (like climbing Mt Kilimanjaro!).

If you want to nurture your self-belief then I recommend learning more about creating a daily ritual, nourishing your mindset and silencing your inner critic. All these exercises and more are in my favourite self-coaching handbook, Activate Your Life. Inside you?ll find 50 self-coaching exercises from coaches around the world (myself included) on themes as varied as health, mindset, habits and happiness.


Want to build your self-belief?

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