Am I Expert Enough?

When it comes to taking your one-to-one service business online with a sustainable and scalable course, membership or coaching program, your first hurdle is likely NOT what you expect!

It’s not –

  • The content
  • The tech OR
  • The sales

Surprisingly it’s you!

Why are you getting in your own way?

Your mindset is likely to be the obstacle that stands between you and your BIG goal.

And it begins insidiously with whispers such as?

  • Hasn’t this already been done?
  • Who will pay to learn this stuff from me?
  • Who am I to teach this?

There’s a difference between showing up in real life and delivering 1:1 sessions and workshops to a warm, known and often referred audience, to showing up online and presenting to a global audience who haven’t heard of you! And that difference sets your Impostor Syndrome off like a raging bull.

What’s at stake here is the fact you have to back yourself, to get behind your own expertise even when there are people out there who are more experienced. And it’s scary.

Believe me, I know!

I set myself a goal three years ago to scale my successful copywriting business with an online learning program. And you’d think I was perfectly placed to do this, being a qualified teacher who’d delivered hundreds of lessons to little rat-bags (and some little angels???? ) who often didn’t want to be there! How could showing up online and teaching adults who were paying to learn be so hard?

Truth is, even with all these credentials, qualifications and experience it took me three years to take action on this goal. Why? Because self-doubt crept in, comparisonitis joined it and together they waged war on my self-belief.

And it kept me stuck!

To get unstuck, I took some big steps to work on my mindset, which included hypnotherapy, masterminds and coaching. And it made a huge difference because halfway through 2018 I launched an online coaching program, followed by my About Page course and now my signature program Courses that Connect. Just getting these out there was a huge achievement! And when sales started to come in, I had a deep sense of personal validation.

Why the world needs your course!

I believe there is a teacher within each of you and in creating a course you are claiming your area of expertise in your niche, and that’s what purpose-driven change-makers like you do. But to achieve this higher goal, you have to be prepared to go into battle with your inner mean girl, who’s going to try and convince to stay small, safe and invisible.

It’s your right to show up and be seen in the online world, regardless of who else is there, because if by showing up as YOU, unapologetically and authentically you impact even one other life for the better, then don’t you owe it to yourself to do it?

And this is the key to overcoming the paralysis of ‘I’m not expert enough’, by remembering who you’re creating this course for, by holding their needs higher than your own fears and by taking action even if it scares the pants off you!

If you want help to create your online course, then take a look at Courses that Connect. It’s the nurturing space I’ve created to support you to create your online course in 8 weeks.