Episode 26: From Zero to Hero; Petra’s Sell Out Launch

by | Jun 9, 2022

Love Your Demons is no ordinary course, and it turns out Petra is no ordinary course creator!


In this week’s episode I want you to meet Petra Williams, Transformational Coach and first time course creator who went from an email list of zero email to a sold out first launch!


When Petra started creating her course, she had two big obstacles stacked against her – no email list and no online presence (not to mention being a full time Mum to 2 tiny children). 


Add to that a course topic that didn’t promise ‘quick and easy’ but instead invited students to step into the dungeon and face their demons. I’ll be honest, on a first assessment I thought we’d have a long slow road ahead of us, but it shows how wrong first impressions can be. Petra is dynamite, once she set herself a goal, she was driven and fearless in her actions to achieve it. 


I think you’ll enjoy today’s episode as we explore how she went from zero to hero.


Find out more about Petra and the freebie she offers here: https://petrawilliamscoaching.com/

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