Episode 25: My Launch Secrets; How to Run A Successful Bootcamp

by | Feb 23, 2022

Now, if you’ve been thinking about running a bootcamp for your next launch, then I want to share the 3 secrets that have made both my bootcamps successful.  


Here’s the behind the scenes look at my last bootcamp that ran in February 2022:

  • 250 people registered for the bootcamp
  • 129 joined the Facebook group
  • 100 + daily views on training videos
  • 31% average open rate on emails 
  • 8% conversion rate into my course 


Once you nail the winning formula for your bootcamp, you can run these on rinse and repeat for each launch. 


But what is the winning formula? 


In this episode I’ll share my 3 secrets to supercharge your bootcamp, and these won’t cost you anything (except your time!)!

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