Episode 23: Get Ready to Kick-Ass in 2022 with Imperfect Action

by | Jan 7, 2022

If you’ve arrived in 2022 feeling a little less than excited, then you’re not alone. So many of us look at the year ahead and have a tiny seed of regret creeping in. We say things like, “I thought I’d have 3000 on my list by now” or, “I thought that my course would have made 6 figures by now” or maybe for you it’s more like, “I thought I’d have launched my course by now”.

If any variation of these are popping up as you look at the year ahead, then you’re not alone. But I want you to plug into this episode and soak up the the antidote to self-doubt, to self-criticism and judgement. Instead, join me on the journey as I share how to plan your content for the year ahead and keep taking imperfect action so you can create momentum, flow and produce huge results.


If you feel inspired to plan your launches and get your content runway ready to go, then join me on Friday 7th January from 2-4.30pm AWST for a live workshop where we’ll plan and theme your content ready for launch.

The Consistent Content System for Launching is just $29 and there’s a replay available.


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