Episode 21: How to Create Content for your Course

by | Oct 1, 2021

In this episode I’m taking you behind the scenes in my business and walking you through the steps I take to create the content for my online course.

Whether you have an existing course that needs remodelling (like I do) or are starting from scratch, this episode will give you valuable insights into planning your content to deliver on your course promise.

I’ll be sharing why I’ve remodelled my course twice now, going from a 6 weeks to 8 weeks and why I’m now changing that to a 12 week experience.

You’ll hear about the highs and lows of creating content, I’ll be sharing how I get overwhelmed at times and what drives me to push through that and take action.

If an online course is on your agenda in the next 6 months, then this is the episode for you.



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