Episode 20: How To Launch Your Course Without Burnout with Rachelle Glendon

by | Jul 14, 2021

If you’ve done a live launch for your course, then you’ll know launching can be draining. Think webinars, ads, bonuses, social visibility, discovery calls and sales emails…and all that before you start welcoming students in!

No wonder we feel burnt out and exhausted after a launch, but there is another way. This week on the podcast I’m chatting with Rachelle Glendon, a slow living coach and podcaster.

Rachelle helps Mums who work from home manage the juggle of family life with her slow living philosophy. And on the show today she helps me unpack what it means to live slow and how we can apply these principals to our launches.

Rachelle is a course creator herself and knows exactly how stressful launching can be, so she speaks from experience when it comes to changing our default setting from frazzled and frantic to calm and intentional.

To learn more about slow living be sure to check out Rachelle’s website – http://www.howtolive.slow.com

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