Episode 19: 4 Action Taking Steps To Get The Accountability You Need To Create & Launch Your Course

by | Jun 2, 2021

What’s standing between you and your online course dream?

Chances are if you get really honest with yourself, it’s you.

You keep breaking appointments with yourself to do the work…
You feel like there’s never enough time..
You feel like you don’t know the next step…
You don’t have a plan so remain stuck…

Are any of these landing for you?

Tough love coming your way…

I hear from soooo many clients that they have a half-finished course, or a course in their head that they are not able to move forward with, and you know what each and every one of them needs?


There’s nothing more powerful than knowing you’ve said out loud to someone else that you’ll do something.

But accountability is not a magic wand. It won’t make your procrastination disappear overnight, but what it will do is give you the kick-up the backside you need to take action.

In today’s episode I share 4 different forms of accountability to suit any personality type (or budget).


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