Episode 15: How To Supercharge The Growth Of Your Facebook Group with Jono Petrohilos

by | Apr 27, 2021

If you are thinking about creating a Facebook group, or already have a group that you want to grow, then you’re going to love today’s episode.

In it I’m asking Jono Petrohilos questions such as…

  • Do you really need a Facebook group to launch and sell your course?
  • Aren’t there already a gazillion other groups?
  • Why would anyone join another group?

Jono has built his online business in the fitness industry using Facebook groups. Last year he was Australia’s Online Fitness Educator of the Year and now mentors course creator’s, growing his own group, the Course Creator Community, from zero to 3.4k in 6 months!!

And, like you, I wanted to know how!!

Jono generously shares his knowledge, skills and strategies for growing a Facebook group sharing the secrets of:

  • How to attract new members
  • How to build an engaged community who post in your group
  • Why he doesn’t recommend theme days
  • How to move members from your Facebook group to your email list


Show Notes –

See for yourself how Jono manages his group by joining the Course Creator Community here – http://www.coursecreatorcommunity.net/

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