My Story

My journey from neonatal nurse to online course specialist.

I believe words can change your world. From the words you say to yourself, to the words that connect you to the world, they are the currency of your soul.

I found the words of my soul between sleeping under the stars and home schooling my kids as we travelled 3 months. And it was in this space I discovered my zone of genius, the ability to hold a heart space allowing words, ideas and clarity to flow.

Of course, at the time I didn’t see it’s power, just loved getting in the writing zone and tapping into this new way of being. But fast forward 5 years and now I create and hold intentional spaces for women in business as a launch coach.

I’ve developed a signature system that holds the heart space, so you can move from your head (where words get stuck) to your heart (where everything flows) with ease and grace.

Lisa Kniebe Words That Shine

Unleash your inner teacher with the course creator’s bestie by your side and grow and scale your business online.


9 Surprising Facts


I’m a qualified neonatal nurse

I met my husband while crewing on a sailboat when I was 16
If I could be an item of stationery I’d be a pink post-it note, because they make the boring stuff fun!
I love handbags and have at least 15 in all colours and styles?
My greatest feat of resilience is reaching the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro

My day always starts and ends with a hug and kiss from my 2 boys

I dream of a liveaboard lifestyle, where I travel the world on a sailboat as a blue-nomad

As a teacher, my proudest moment was receiving a note that said ‘you’ve given me my son back’


My favourite food is cheese, but it turns out I’m allergic to it!!

What I Believe

Lead with love

I believe in love as my highest value, which means being true, present and heart-felt in everything I do.

Know yourself

I am passionate about personal development, because knowing yourself is the key to being a better human.

Stay playful and open

I believe in childlike curiosity, fun and adventure. I stay open to being playful, finding the silly and letting creativity flow.